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Year 2000

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Dec 23, 2000:
Kim's Creations
        Newest addition to the peddler's market.
        Featuring Kim's custom pillows made from your
        child's favorite sketch or drawing.

Dec 8, 2000:
        The Peddler's Market NOW OPEN!
        From Homespun Peddler and The Seed Pod
        A showcase of primitive artists and crafters!
        Wholesale and Retail

Dec 2, 2000:
        Needle Love "Snowman Threads" project book.
                Plus 3 project sheets from the
                discontinued "Autumn Threads" book

        Two New doll patterns from MOM & I Crafts & Dolls

Nov 14, 2000:
        Hickey Hollow         New pattern line.

        Rabbit's Gift         Six new patterns and 3 kits

        Liberty Star       6 new Primitive Quilt and Doll patterns

        Mulberry Folkart       5 new patterns, 1 new book.

        Liberty Gardens       10 new stitchery patterns

        Hand Made With Love 10 new patterns

Nov 13, 2000:
        Jackie Gannaway         Two new cookbooks!

Oct 22, 2000:
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Oct 21, 2000:
        Seedpod Newsletter Issue 77         New issue!

Sept 30, 2000:
        Photos from Fall Fest in Downtown Bay City!

Sept 24, 2000:
        Seedpod Newsletter Archive
        Five new issues from 1999: #64 through #68

repairing broken dishes Sept 14, 2000:
        Repairing broken dishes
        Just for fun (or to save a marriage)

Sept 1, 2000:
        Liberty Gardens Old Mitten Stitchery pattern collection

Aug 30, 2000:
        Ragged Edge Two great new halloween patterns

Aug 21, 2000:
        Jackie Gannaway Five new cookbooks!

        Aug 19, 2000:
        N. LaCroix FOURTEEN new patterns! (see the index)

        Article on selling on E-Bay

Aug 11, 2000:
        N. LaCroix GINGERBREAD MAN
          Limited edition, American made
          and gingerbread recipe.
July 24, 2000:
        Two new Seed Pod Patterns:
        "Mavis" and "Folk art Fruit"

        Liberty Gardens NEW Bittersweet Stitcheries series

July 8, 2000:
        Lakadaisies Redwork Patterns Jan Patek

        Jan Patek / Linda Brannock Stitchery books and patterns

        N. LaCroix Primitive Doll and Pincushion patterns

        Hickety Pickety . . . Three new patterns

    New from Indygo Junction
        "Traveling Light" by Pat Koltz
        Two patterns from Fannie Turgeon
        New pattern from Pat Sloan
        Kimie's Quilts
        Wednesday's Best! Quilt book by Cheri Saffiote
        Collector's Series by Sarah Sporrer

July 7, 2000:
        Things That Make You Smile . . . Four new patterns

        Indygo Junction . . . "Time Began in a Garden" JULY quilt square

        Rabbit's Gifts New pattern line by Claire Denny

        Ragg Bagg Babys. . . SIX new patterns

July 6, 2000:
        Kindred Spirits Patterns

July 3, 2000:
        Seedpod Newsletter Issue 76

July 2, 2000:
Fourth of July in Bay City!

June 24, 2000:
        River Roar in Bay City!

May 12, 2000:
        The Seed Pod Print Collection by Maria Pahls.

May 4 2000:
        Introducing our new logo drawn by
        Drawn by the Seed Pod's Maria Pahls.

        Spring Photos

April 29, 2000:
        Liberty Gardens 10 new Seed Packet Stitcheries

        Needle Love "Winterberry Threads" project book.

        New Needle Punch tools

Apr. 13, 2000:
        New Indygo Junction quilt pattern: Crayon Box by Cheri Saffiote

Apr. 12, 2000:
        New doll patterns from MOM & I Crafts & Dolls

Mar. 30, 2000:
        Hand Made With Love four more spring patterns

        New Quilt Cards by Sarah Sporrer from Indygo Junction.

        Indygo Junction . . . "Time Began in a Garden" APRIL quilt square

Mar. 23, 2000:
        Mulberry Folkart
        9 new patterns.

      Indygo Junction
Redwork Revival book
        Dolls, Stitchery and Applique

Mar. 22, 2000:
        New Tips on how to price your crafts.

Mar. 12, 2000:
        The Moss Rose . . . New pattern: "Teenage Girl"

Seedpod Eggspress Mar. 09, 2000:
        New Edition of the Seed Pod Newsletter! Issues 75

Mar. 8, 2000:
        Hickety Pickety . . . Three new patterns

Mar. 7, 2000:
        Things That Make You Smile . . . Four new patterns

Mar. 5, 2000:
        Ragg Bagg Babys . . . FIFTEEN new patterns

Mar. 3, 2000:
Indygo Junction . . . "Time Began in a Garden" March quilt square

        Primitive Sis . . . New Pattern: Hopple Hare

Fruitfull Hands Swallowtail Feb. 26, 2000:
        Fruitfull Hands . . . New pattern line

Feb. 18, 2000:
        Ragg Bagg Babys . . . SIX new patterns

Feb. 14, 2000:
        Liberty Star Primitive Quilt and Doll patterns

Feb. 13, 2000:
        Indygo Junction Patterns Featuring
            Miss Fannie Turgeon Memories in Cloth
            Sarah Sporrer
            Sandy Belt and Pat Koltz

Feb. 12, 2000:
        Kim's Creations presents "Ivy, a Spring Lamb"
        Made from a new Spring pattern by Hand Made With Love.

Feb. 10, 2000:
        Another New Jackie Gannaway book

        Another new Hand Made With Love Spring pattern

Feb. 5, 2000:
        New doll pattern line: Ragg Bagg Babiys.

        Hand Made With Love Spring pattern collection

Feb. 3, 2000:
        New Jackie Gannaway book

        Liberty Gardens new Seed Packet Stitcheries

        Needle Love "Springtime Threads" project book.

Feb. 1, 2000:
        NINE New Seed Pod Archives Issues 55-63
        Seed Pod Best Tips 1998

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