Not long ago we became aware of the revival of traditional "redwork" stitchery. The simple, clean images stitched in a single color were very appealing. So we began to watch for red work patterns which we could offer on the Homespun Peddler web site.

This catalog section features patterns by "Lakadaisies" of San Saba, Texas. Here's what they say about the form:

JPQ-ART3 "Needlework magazines and transfer patterns that proliferated around the turn of the century produced easy-to-follow outline designs that quickly became popular. Perfect projects for the novice, these patterns began as line drawings and were traditionally worked in red cotton floss and referred to as "redwork". The advantage of collecting redwork, be it new or antique, is that all pieces invariably compliment each other.

"We have taken turn of the century advertising prints and turned them into line drawings that you can use as redwork or recreate in colors to match any decor with a single color or an ambitious rainbow palette. These patterns use single stitch, and can be transferred onto any fabric from muslin to linen. They can be used on pillows, pictures, clothing or any number of accessories.
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This is it!
The LAST Lakadaisies pattern to be had: R-204

When this one sells out there will be no more.
R-204 $10.00
Includes S&H

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