Fall Fest, 2000
Celebrating the Season

It's Fall and the beginning of the harvest season. Downtown Bay City kicked off the season on the last weekend of September with the annual FALL FEST.

The day was beautiful and everyone had a great time. Shop owners decorated for the season, dressed in costume, and had refreshments for all.

As usual, the Homespun Peddler family just can't resist a chance to dress up! Pattye chose the "Cat in the Hat". Mary did a fantastic scarecrow from the Wizzard of Oz. Jan played "Madame Zorba", the fortune teller, a great hit with the kids!

One of the FAVORITE activities at Fall Fest is the annual "Ghost Walk". Many of the shops create ghosts of famous people as window displays. Visitors try to guess the identity of all the ghosts. The guesses are turned in on entry forms and those who guess right are entered into a drawing for some great prizes from the Downtown Merchants.

Of course Homespun Peddler wasn't the only place having fun! All of our friends were looking great and having a wonderful time.

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