Needle Punch Tools
"Crow in the Patch"
by Primitive Sis
The Peddler offers a number of needle punch patterns from various artists. Shown at left is a shoulder bag by Primitive Sis.

Of course, to do needle punch you need a tool. We've tried several and the one we like best is the Cameo tool shown here. You can purchase a single needle pack or a three needle pack. The same tool is used in each, but the 3 needle pack gives you more options.

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Cameo Needle Punch tool
Tool with 1 needle $18.95 (includes shipping)
Tool in 3 needle pack $22.95 (includes shipping)

The Cameo tool is a large tool in a single (medium) needle kit or a three, interchangable needle kit.

The kit includes a threader and very nice instruction booklet.

The tool is adjustable to make different size loops, and accepts standard needle punch acrylic yarn or floss.
  • Tool with book, threader and one medium needle
    C-920 - 1 needle pack $18.95    
  • Tool with book, threader and three needles
    • Large needle: takes a doubled 6-strand floss.
    • Medium needle: takes a single 6-strand floss.
    • Small needle: takes 3-strand floss.

      3 needle kit OUT OF STOCK

For more information send e-mail to the Peddler.

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