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Year 2000
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December 7, 2001:
   FOUR new
Christmas pattern phamplets from Need'l Love

Oct 18, 2001:
        Seed Pod Issue 80
        Fall 2001 issue - Great new project included

Aug 29, 2001:
    Jackie Gannaway         FIVE great new cookbooks!

Aug 27, 2001:
    Net LaCroix Close Out
As you've heard, Net LaCroix will no longer be selling her patterns on a wholesale basis. That means that when our supply is gone we can't get more. We've just updated our catalog to show only what we have left. Order quickly... these last ones are going fast!

Aug 24, 2001:
        Ragged Edge
        Two great new patterns

Aug 15, 2001:
        Seed Pod Issue 79
        Late summer 2001 issue

Aug 4, 2001:
   Shari Lutz - From the Attic
        Little Miss Columbia

Aug 3, 2001:
   From Liberty Gardens
        Autumn Designs Kit Pillows
        TEN new Bitersweet Stitchery pattern packs

July 27 - 29, 2001:
   Tall Ship Celebration in Bay City
    History comes home to Bay City's River Front
    where ship building was once a major industry.

July 14, 2001:
    3 new patterns from Net LaCroix
        Ms. Diggins
        Mr. Diggins

    10 patterns from Hickety Pickety
       See the top group of patterns in the catalog list

July 11, 2001:
    Introducing Star Quilt Company books and projects from Linda Brannock.

July 7, 2001:
    New stitchery pattern line from Country Stitches:
        "By My Hand"

July 3, 2001:
    New from Need'l Love
        Summer Spirit Threads project book

June 14, 2001:
    New items from Liberty Gardens
        Vintage Green Work Five great new patterns.
        "Yes Sir! That's my Baby!" Stitchery collection
        Five new Stitchery patterns

June 12, 2001:
    New Brannock / Patek patterns:
        "Seasonings" project book
        "Hospitality Sweets" block of the month quilt

June 8, 2001:
    New pattern catalog section:
        Shari Lutz's "From the Attic" collection.

June 6, 2001:
        Five more Seed Pod archive issues
        We've just posted issues 69, 70, 71, 72 and 73.

April 15, 2001:
        Privacy Policy Updated

Mar 30, 2001:
        Homespun Peddler store front closes
After almost 15 years, first as Mother Goose Country Shop then as Homespun Peddler, we've closed the storefront operation. For now we'll concentrate on the web store and mail-order sales.

Closing up and running a big sale kept us pretty busy during March. Getting moved and re-organizing the mail-order office is eating up April!

But we're almost done! Watch for new stuff to start showing up within the next few weeks.

Although the store front is closed, we're still open for mail-order business. You'll find our new address and phone number listed at the top of this page. You can expect the same fast, reliable service and the same friendly voices on the phone.

Feb 6, 2001:
        Seed Pod Issue 78         Winter 2001 issue

Feb 5, 2001:
    New from Jan Patek Quilts
        Three Project Books

    Kindred Spirits New primitive ornament pattern

Feb 4, 2001:
    New from Indygo Junction
        Redwork by Marge Wooters
        Stitchery by Cheri Saffiote
        Christmas Spirit . . . in the Country
            a block of the month series by Sarah Sporrer
        Sarah Sporrer's Collector's Series: 3 new patterns:
        Two new project books
        Other new stitchery projects

Feb 3, 2001:
        N. LaCroix
        Two new primitive rabbits

Jan 31, 2001:
        Hand Made With Love
        SIX new patterns from one of our favorites.

Jan 30, 2001:
        A Stitch In Time
        By popular demand we've brought Stitch in Time"
        back to the Homespun Peddler web catalog!

Jan 16, 2001:
        Liberty Gardens
        Five great new Valentine Red Work patterns.

        Liberty Gardens
        New Month-by-Month pattern collection

        N. LaCroix
        "Carrots" primitive pattern

Jan 10, 2001:
        Ragged Edge
        Four great new patterns

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