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The manufacturers and retailers will tell you the good stuff. We'll tell you the good AND the bad from a user's perspective. These are comments on our experience with various products.

Although we continue to use digital cameras, this article has NOT been kept up to date. Camera technology has change a lot since the first review in 1997, and even the second in 1999. I'll try to do an update someday.

In the meantime, know this: I've tested a number of other digital cameras since getting my FD91 in 1999. That includes $5,000 Nikon professional cameras. For most of my work, the FD91 is STILL the best camera I've used. If it simply had more resolution it would rival the Nikon in results!

I have made some update notes if you want to read them. This will be the basis for another review.

Sony MVC-FD91 Digital Camera

August 1999
We had a chance to try the FD91 in August 1999. THIS time Sony got it right. Every complaint we had with the FD7 has been addressed on this new one.

We quickly bought our own FD91 and have LOVED it. Everything we tried produced at least a good picture and in most cases a GREAT picture. This one is well worth the $999 price tag!

Sony MVC-FD7 Digital Camera

Summer 1997
We loved the concept of a digital camera with the built in diskette. After trying a nuber of other cameras, we decided this was the one for us. We bought 3 for the company in 1997 and generally liked them. But they're far from perfect.

This review covers our experiences with the MVC-FD7. It's a bit out of date since this camera is essentially obsolete. But our comments are good education about the things to watch out for when buying a digital.

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