Once again Homespun Peddler is pleased to introduce a new pattern artist: Kimberly Whritner, from the middle of New York state. We met Kim in a Seed Pod doll swap. When her dolls started showing up in the Seed Pod gallery we immediatly began to get requests for patterns.

Kim calls her pattern line "Things That Make You Smile". She told us that when she was just starting to sell dolls and patterns, her mother told her "Well, what's important in life are things that make you smile". Kim says that has remained a constant imspiration for her and helped "keep those creative juices flowing!". She also said that "When people ask me what I do, I tell them that I make primitive folk art dolls with a touch of whimsy".

Kim got into the doll business when she was 15 years old and sold her first teddy bear. She says that the "fever" hit her and she's it's been non-stop ever since. After meeting her husband and soul-mate, she knew that she wanted to have a family and be able to at home to raise her children. So her creativity has led her in this direction. "Being a full time Mom and a full time Folk Artist are a lot of work, but the rewards are truly worthwhile", said Kim.

Although Kim as been crafting and designing dolls for years, she only started making patterns in 1999. (We like to think that the demand from our Homespun Peddler regulars helped get her started!) Kim told us "I hope to bring smiles to the faces of others who create my dolls".

Like so many of our friends, Kim is a great lover of antique dolls and toys. That's where much of her inspiration comes from. She said "surrounding myself with these wonderful treasures has a tendency to keep up nights designing. But as long as these things make me smile, then that is what is important.

Kim's creations certainly make us smile. We think our friends will feel the same and will help us encourage Kim to give us MORE, MORE, MORE of these great primitive folk art dolls!

We'll put our collection of "Things That Make You Smile" patterns on several separate pages as they are released. We'll start with the first four. CLICK HERE to begin your browsing journey.

And remember, you can order any of these patterns directly from Homespun Peddler. Each pattern has an e-mail click but you can also click here for general ordering information.

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