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Ever since Pat Twitchin's primitive works started showing up on the Seedpod gallery, we've had requests for her Ginger Creek patterns. We talked to Pat and we're so pleased to present her collection of patterns here on the Homespun Peddler web store catalog!

Pat (aka "Twitch") tells us that she's been crafting all her life. Like so many creative people, Pat finds many outlets for her urges. She paints, makes jewelry, embroiders... all those things we all love.

After moving to Texas some years ago Pat decided to take up sewing again and made a simple rag-doll. As she says: "That was it... I was hooked... five years and hundreds of dolls later I'm still loving every minute of it." Pat also says that as a legal secretary in Houston, she finds doll making "extremely therapeutic and a great stress reliever!"

Primitive doll making is a work of love for Pat partly because it brings back memories of her childhood. She was raised in Tennessee in the beautiful foothills of the Smokies. As she describes it:

"My parents didn't live on a farm but my grandparents did and I spent many summers playing in the woods surrounding their farm. They lived a beautiful, simple life. I think that's one reason that I'm so drawn to primitive doll making... it brings back those happy memories."

Pat's grandmother was an important influence in developing her natural talent. Pat remembers sitting by the fire and watching her grandmother sew and quilt. Her grandmother taught her to sew as well, making doll clothes on an old Singer treadle machine. Pat's grandmother was an icon of the last generation; she churned her own butter, made her own soap, tended a huge vegetable garden and was a wonderful cook.

Living in the "big city" is a far cry from the hills of Tennessee. But the country influence is hard to lose. Pat's dolls lovingly recall days gone by when a handmade doll was a child's best friend.

Over the past few years Pat has developed quite a following and keeps busy making and selling dolls. She says that her new collection of patterns is a work of love. Through them she hopes that she can inspire others to tap into their God given creativity. As Pat says "everyone has a creative side just waiting to be discovered".

We are so happy to be able to offer Pat's "Ginger Creek" patterns on the Homespun Peddler web site. We're starting with the first four Ginger Creek patterns and anticipate adding new patterns on a regular basis.
One of Pat's
newest creations,
    "Punkin Hollow"

A delightful primitive
pumpkin head doll in
a simple jumper over
homespun plaid.

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Line drawings by Maria Pahls, Seedpod

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