1ST SNOW of 1999
Homespun Peddler
January 5, 1999
Thank goodness THAT is over with!
It's Spring in Michigan now. We'll
leave this page up to compare to next
year but you should REALLY look at
the Spring 1999 page.

We know that the entire Midwest was snowed in, but HEY, this is MICHIGAN ..... we're used to it.

Exterior snow shot

We love it Each year we go through this.

We LOVE WINTER and we look forward to snow and cold and all those wonderful winter sports and traditions and fun . . .

    Then the snow really comes . . .

        And we love that first experience . . .

We woke the day after the big snow to find that our main streets were plowed but not the side street. Pattye pulled out of the driveway just fine but immediately got stuck. It took 20 minutes rocking back and forth to make it out to the main street. Front porch

But that's OK too. After she left I got the snow blower and cleaned out the driveway clear to the side street. Then the city trucks plowed the side street and filled the drive entrance with a four foot deep and 6 foot wide wall of white. No problem . . . I've got pleanty of gas for the snowblower.

So NOW we can get to the shop . . . and find the REAL SNOW!

We have a contract snow plow guy who comes early in the morning and plows the parking lot for us. That's nice.

Of course all that snow has to go somewhere and it's usually where we have to move it again.
Exterior snow shot

Snow Dragon So there's only one thing left to do!

We'll have to make another snow dragon like we did in the last big snow... in 1987.


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