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While searching for interesting products, The Peddler came across Dbeck's Original Cinnamon Sticks. We were immediately intrigued and quickly came to the decision to buy a supply for the shop. When our order came in we were not disappointed! They are unusual, interesting, and aromatic. Everyone who's come into the shop wants to know all about them, then they want to own a bundle.

The most interesting thing about these sticks is that they don't have the strong cinnamon aroma that we're used to. Instead they have a mild smell that only hints at cinnamon. When heated or burned the smell is closer but still not completely familiar. In any case, it's a wonderful and exotic aroma.

The information from Dbeck suggests tossing a cinnamon stick onto your indoor or outdoor fire. You can also heat the sticks in an oven to release the aroma. We found that heating in the microwave for 10 seconds was just enough to force the oils to the surface and greatly enhance the aroma. Dbeck also states that meat smoked with cinnamon is considered a delicacy in Sri Lanka.

Sticks are approximately 12 inches long and from 3/4" to 1.5" in diameter. Each bundle or bag of Cinnamon Sticks comes with an attractive brochure explaining some of the history of cinnamon and how it is harvested. The story they tell is this:
"Native to the island of Sri Lanka, formerly Ceylon, cinnamon peeling is a traditional art passed down from the ages. Grown in the southern province of the island, Cinnamon was unknown to the rest of the world until the late 14th century when the Portuguese, and then the Dutch, developed Cinnamon as an export commodity.

In the olden times, special villages were set up by the Kings for Cinnamon Peelers. The "Cinnamon Wood" was used for its sweet, aromatic scent and meat smoked with cinnamon was considered a delicacy. Today, connamon peelers are among the most respected workers in Sri Lanka.

Derived from the bushy evergreen tree, this popular, exotic spice is harvested from the tree's inner and outer layers of bark. The harvesting of cinnamon is environmentally friendly. Cinnamon plantations are protected - not destroyed. Here's how it's done.

First, cinnamon trees are pruned to shrub height of 7'. Fron these prunings, the outer bark is shaved then ground into natural cinnamon. The inner bark, known as cinnamon peel, is peeled off the stick then sun dried. The peel curls and is sold as "Cinnamon Sticks".

The true cinnamon stick, however, is what you are seeing here. The brown cinnamon remaining on this inner stick is known as feathering and is normally scraped off and ground. Instead, Dbeck's keeps this layer of cinnamon for you to peel. In addition, the flavorful cinnamon stick that remains retains much of the natural cinnamon oils and can be tossed onto an indoor or outdoor fire for its aromatic scent."

Dbeck's "Original Cinnamon Sticks"

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