Original Patterns and Primitive Crafts by "PattyePoo"
#W036 - Feature item for Spring 1999
Well Loved Annie

A little girl's most favorite doll
She was your favotite doll when you were little. You took her everywhere, out in the yard, over to your friend's house, and of course to bed every night. Now she's old and stained; her hair is loose; and she has worn spots. But she's not worn out... she's simply well loved.

Inspired by a photograph of an origial "Volland Raggedy Ann", this doll adheres to traditional interpretation of the old favorite. She's simple but special with all those little details that the doll collector wants to see.

PattyePoo took special care to age this doll. Besides tea dying, she sprays some areas for added color and she makes "wear spots" in various spots on the fabric. The end result is a doll that recreates that worn look which can only come from the heart and hands of a loving child.

The pattern works well in different sizes and it includes the pillow pattern and PattyePoo's original poem "My Little Rag Doll".

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