Original Patterns and Primitive Crafts by "PattyePoo"

#W035 - Feature item for Winter 1998
Too Many Cookies

PattyePoo's idea of Santa's big night
You've probably been there... just can't resist that last cookie. PattyePoo was telling a story about a favorite Christmas night when the kids were little and they insisted on putting out just way too many cookies for Santa. As we're sure you'll appreciate, the cookies were all gone in the morning... Santa can't resist either.

Well, that Christmas was the story of "too many cookies". At least after our traditional after-church gathering of friends. Everyone brings goodies and we go home quite stuffed... we certainly don't need more cookies!

So here's PattyePoo's Santa... his belt undone and his belly stuffed. He's had a long night and now just wants to sit back and relax.

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