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The Peddler is always searching for new craft patterns so we were really excited to find Mom & I's stitchery patterns from Oklahoma. We've selected a group of their patterns that we think all you will like. We're also offering some of their wonderful kits!

As you might guess, Mom & I is a mother/daughter team. What you'd NEVER guess is their background. Both of these gals are sheet metal mechanics and worked on the B-1 Bomber at Tinker Air Force Base. As Mom Linda told us "I knew I could cut and drill metal so why not wood." So the pair started to make and sell wood crafts.

After doing wood crafts for several years, the pair decided to design old fashion stitcheries which include a bit of folk art and primitive stitches. "We hope that a little of the old stitching mixed with the new stitching will be interesting and maybe bring back some happy memories of some stitches that may have been taught to our customers by their mothers or grandmothers."

Today the entire family participates in the craft business. They enclosed part of an old pole barn on the family farm and use that for the wood shop. Someday they hope to turn the entire barn into a shop for the business.

The most recent venture is craft classes which Tanya Kay is teaching. Tanya says that most of her students have been 9 to 16 year olds who want to learn the traditional embroidery and stitchery crafts. She says it been exciting and rewarding to introduce a new generation to our crafting heritage.

All "Mom & I" finished pieces are stitched with DMC floss. They've gone so far as to sponsored by the Warm Company, DMC Floss and Hillcreek Designs which all promote these great patterns.

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You can order any "Mom & I" pattern by e-mail.

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