Stamp 003 One of our very favorite primitive artists was Sonja Sandell at Hickety Pickety. Sonja's well known among primitive doll makers for her downhome newsletter and great primitive patterns.

We're always amazed by Sonja's ability to find unique and unusual things to use in craft projects. Seems that Wal-Mart is her craft store but not in the departments where WE would look for craft supplies. Instead, she finds "stuff" in housewares, hardware, pet supplies and all the other departments. You'll have to see it to believe it.

Besides her doll patterns, Sonja is known for quilts, ornaments, pins and rubber stamps. Hickety Pickety was the first pattern series on our web site.

You can use our comprehensive index to see a list of our Hickety Pickety patterns or you can browse from catalog page to catalog page in series starting at Page 1.

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Link to Catalog Page 1.

Painting Cats Drying Cats
Painting Hickety Pickety Cats
on the Peddler's back porch
and drying them in the yard.
July 1998
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