For many years, Homespun Peddler, was one of Bay City, Michigan's most unique craft and gift shops. Specializing in handmade crafts, The Peddler presented a unique collection of country crafts, dolls, primitive, folkart and collectables. About 70% of the stock was sold on consignment for some of the best craft artists in Mid-Michigan.

After some fifteen years (the first 10 as Mother Goose Country Shoppe), the store was closed on March 30, 2001. It had been a great run, but it was time to stop!

The web store, on the other hand, continues to operate. When we closed the physical store, we had a huge stock of primitive doll and craft patterns. We decided to sell those over the internet until they were gone.

Although many of the patterns have been sold, we continue to have a large supply in the "pattern room". Over time we have become known as a resource for older and out-of-print patterns. When we sell out of a particular pattern, we typically leave the picture and name on the web site as a resource for crafters.

We bought patterns for a while, but our most popular artists either stopped selling patterhs or just retired. Some artists have passed away (it has been over 20 years!). A few pattern lines have continued to be in demand. When we could no longer purchase patterns from those few artists, we made arrangements to copy the most popular patterns as long as there was demand. We paid a royalty to those artists for those patterns.

After a modest start in August of 1997, the Homespun Peddler web site's master library grew to contain over 900 individual pages and over 4,500 images. In recent years we've gradually removed items we no longer stock, but we've retained the look and feel and resources that everyone seemed to like.

The site features a selection of patterns from both well known and totally unknown artists. Some of our patterns are becoming very rare and we may be the only source for those treasures. We don't buy the number of patterns we once did, but we do continue to add to the collection.

This site is, of course, a web store. We sell products. But we also provide a resource and archive of information including archives of several craft newsletters, pattern catalogs, pictures, articles, and other materials.

The centerpiece of our library is the Seedpod Newsletter Archive. The Seedpod was the voice of the "Primitive Pals", an e-mail club made up of many well known primitive artists and crafters. Originally the Seed pod was distributed by e-mail only. Later it was converted to a web document and archived on Homespun-Peddler.com. Although the Primitive Pals disbanded years ago, the Seedpod remains a very popular resource for crafters world wide.

Homespun Peddler's specialization has always been PRIMITIVE FOLKART. We think you'll find that we have more primitive art and more primitive information than any other web site. If you already know what we're talking about then you've found your internet home. If you DON'T know, then you should visit our Primitive Information page.

The Peddler invites you, the internet citizen, into our web store. Explore and enjoy. If you have any questions, just drop us an e-mail at "orders@homespun-peddler.com". We've put e-mail links on all pages and we try to answer every inquiry.

A Brief History

Homespun Peddler started life as Mother Goose Country Shop, a consignment craft shop founded in the early 1980's by a group of women in Bay City, Michigan. The little shop they started became one of the best craft stores in Mid-Michigan.

Stephen and Pattye Kent purchased Mother Goose and reopened January 1, 1997 as Homespun Peddler. Pattye had worked at Mother Goose for some seven years and insisted on keeping the traditions while adding exciting new crafts and products.

On August 20, 1999 the store moved from it's original location on the city's west side into a 125 year old building in Bay City's river front historic district. The "new" building had been a hardware and feed store, a plumbing house, a photograhic studio, a beauty parlor and a second hand clothing store. The upstairs had been a studio, apartments, and other uses. We completely restored the downstairs, removing modern walls, carpet and drop ceiling to expose an expansive store with beautiful tin ceiling, old light fixtures, and a wonderful wood floor.

The store eventually closed on March 30, 2001. It had been a great run, but it was time to stop. We thank all our friends, artists and customers for their long time support of the store.

We continue to sell our craft pattern collection on the internet, where we have become known as a resource for old and out-of-print patterns. We continue to correspondend with our many friends in cyberspace.

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